As I was working on worship planning for this summer, I realized I didn’t have a sortable list of all the hymns in the Lutheran Book of Worship (aka LBW, aka The Green Hymnal). I had a spreadsheet file for Evangelical Lutheran Worship (aka ELW, aka The Cranberry Hymnal) that I’d saved from worship planning at Wartburg Seminary, but the congregation I’m serving is still quite content using the LBW.

To make this spreadsheet, I used the data from, then stripped out the extra information. My plan is to use this to track what hymns we’ve sung so we can have good variety in worship without either repeating any given hymn too frequently or inadvertently going years without singing a favorite.

To save anyone else looking for a similar list some work, here are the Excel files with hymn numbers and titles for LBW & ELW for you to download and edit.

ELW Hymnal List          LBW Hymnal List

ELW & LBW Hymnal List Excel Sheet
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