Why this site?

Hi, I’m Daniel Flucke, and my name is my website domain! How arrogant is that!?

Daniel FluckeActually, I hope it’s not arrogant at all. I first bought my domain name when I was 16, figuring (correctly!) that who I was would evolve over time, and a website title that described me then might not describe me now.

So why have my own website at all? Clearly, it’s not to show off my fantastic graphic design skills! Well, when you think about it, most of us have an online presence in lots of places. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Blogger, and generally scattered all over across the internet.

Having my own website allows me to gather together the scattered pieces of my digital life and have a central hub from which to link everything. At least, that’s the theory! Also, having this site gives me the freedom to not be tied to the whims of sites like Facebook or Twitter. Actually, I’m in favor of everyone having their own website, under their own control!

About Me

I’m Daniel Flucke, pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Greene, Iowa. I’m a 2016 graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, assigned to the Northeastern Iowa Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Here’s the super brief version bullet-point version of how I got here:

  • Born and raised on a horse farm in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Homeschooled until halfway through high school
  • Grew up active in my home church, Ascension Lutheran in Fond du Lac
  • Went to church camp every year, went on lots of mission trips, played judo, played piano, read a lot of books, played some video games, TEC
  • Worked at Fleet Farm during high school
  • Started dating Christin on January 21, 2007!
  • Graduated in 2008 from Fond du Lac High School
  • Went to Luther College, in Decorah, Iowa
  • Majored in in computer science and religion, with a music minor
  • Helped lead worship, played handbells, worked for IT Help Desk, worked for College Ministries
  • Worked at Crossways Waypost Camp for two summers
  • Programming internship at Thrivent Financial for one summer
  • Married my wonderful wife Christin on July 7, 2012!!!
  • Moved to our seminary apartment in Dubuque and started seminary
  • In ELCA Candidacy process to become a pastor (read this candidacy application essay for a lot more about me) through the East-Central Wisconsin Synod.
  • Did my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) summer 2013 at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota
  • Served as the pastoral intern at St. Peter Lutheran Church, in Dubuque, Iowa
  • Assigned to Northeastern Iowa Synod, ELCA
  • Called as pastor to St. Peter Lutheran Church in Greene, Iowa

Among other things, I blog about technology and ministry at GoodChurchWebsite.com and tweet at @DanielFlucke. For my older, more casual blogging thoughts, check out Juggling Nebula Thoughts.

For a more formal way to get to know a lot about me, you’re welcome to read my ELCA candidacy entrance essay.

Finally, if you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

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